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BabyCare cradle is designed for children. The baby in the stomach of the mother is rocked for 9 months, therefore, the toddler feels incredibly comfortable in it. Professionals agree that the rocking motion of this single-point suspended cradle gives a sense of security and stimulation of the senses. Sweetly sleeping baby can always be close to his parents in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or on the terrace thanks to the possibility of buying a special tripod. The cradle has two mounting methods: hanging under the ceiling, or hanging on a tripod. Its great advantage is that it was made of the highest quality fabrics safe for you and its wonderful Scandinavian design. The ropes used to hang her were made of cotton. The height of the cradle can be adjusted. On the side sewn pocket through which you can have the most important things like a diaper, pacifier or pampers. The cover is mounted on zip fasteners, which gives the possibility of washing in 40c. The cradle is supplied with a foam mattress and an aesthetic removable cover.

The set includes a cradle, a mattress with a cover and two leather stars.

Cradle dimensions: 81cmx52cm


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Kołyska BabyBorn Kołyska BabyCare

Kołyska BabyBorn Kołyska BabyCare