My hand made business is my love. I love kids, as far as I remember I was taking care of them, till I finally became a proud mom of my little daughter – Zuzia. Due to my experience with kids and my love to my own child, I was inspired to create my collection dedicated for our babies. My company’s name Zuzu-La was inspired by my daughter’s name. Initially, I offered different hand made products, blankets, pillows, handmade cuties. Until I finally realized that making sweet, comfortable and unique clothes for our little ones is my greatest pleasure. This is how I started. Thanks to my creativity and being very precise while making the collection for babies I gained the trust of other loving mums. My dream is to still develop my creativity and my hand made business, so I could make beautiful products dedicated for our babies, which are the proof of our greatest love to our kids. I hope all moms and kids will find pleasure in using my handmade products, and they become a part of their life.

With love Wiktoria